«Sofiyskiy» Residential Complex
This Residential Complex project was very controversial. A small area is closely located between Tsarev Garden and the Temple of Sophia the Wisdom of the Mother of God in the ancient city center. We wanted to preserve the atmosphere and spirit of the Old Center of Moscow in the process of designing architecture and interior Do not destroy, delicately build in, complete the look, create a good example of architecture in the Old Center of Moscow.
The architecture of the building`s facade has a strict composition. A modern ventilated facade system with marble slabs was applied in the process of designing the building. The same facade system was used in nearly located residential complex «Tsarev Sad». We used the order system, large cornices crowning the body of the wall. We made the first floor public, filled with light due to huge arched windows.
Regarding to wishes of our client, we used a classic modern style of decoration and decor in the interior design. We used contrasting profiles in high glass partitions. We developed projects for all elements and details of the interior, such us door handles, lamps, paintings, furniture groups in the interior of the lobby. All of these details were designed in such a way as to harmoniously combine the integral strict image of luxury housing.
We attach great importance to the entrances design. There three entrances for tenants. We made an individual project for mailboxes in carpentry. We added consoles and comfortable furniture groups. We developed a project for the decoration of all premises, including technical premises.
We attach great importance to navigation in a building. We created navigation elements - decorative accents on the walls.
We have not lost sight of the interior decoration of elevators and staircase halls.
In general, the project of architecture, architecture, interior and decor in the interior - together they created a single representation, comfortable and practical spaces, a memorable project.