Some clients ask us for a style that we know well and are able to assemble it into an interior project. Such design projects are always carried out quickly and easily. One of our signature interior design styles is the Ralph Lauren Home style.
There were several large projects in Ralph Lauren Home style. We can order and deliver branded furniture for Ralph Lauren interior style. We know how to make furniture in Ralph Lauren style in Moscow for our interior projects. We know how to select textiles for furniture upholstery for our design projects in Ralph Lauren Home style.
The fact is that apartment interior design differs from the design of a country house in the size of the premises. The height of the ceilings is less in the apartment, as well as the linear dimensions of the premises. In opposition to the apartments, in a country house sometimes exist match bigger rooms with a second light.
For each space, we make individual interior items so that the spatial volume does not absorb objects, but enhances the beauty of the interior for our clients.