The order for this design project came to us in the early days of last summer. Our longtime and beloved clients have bought a townhouse in Lapino. Our task was to decorate interior quickly with minimal investment. We have been working for a long time and with great pleasure with this clints. Their taste and habits are very familiar to us and well-known.
The interior design project of a client's apartment is always a challenge in our relationship. Clients learn quickly and discover new things. Each new interior project for this family is an exchange of our and their experience over the past years. We always like the result.
This time it was like always:
- Natalya, we need it quickly. Please leave the floors and doors. And what we need to do with the kitchen?
At this point, the design process became irreversible. The kitchen had to be replaced. We have made the interior design of the kitchen and dining room very modern and interesting. Made a new design project for the bathroom in the master bedroom.
The rest of the rooms are painted, furniture and window decor were selected by us. For our design project, the rugs were ordered from our sketches and from the catalog of Atelier Tapis Rouge.
When you have to choose from availability, the design project becomes an ever-changing structure. The main assistants are permanent partners who are ready to take part in the design, organize a transfer of samples and fast delivery.
Designing a country house, country residence for a family is a very noble task. Beauty should be not only inside the house, but also in the landscape and gazebos, recreation areas, play areas for children, moving through the area. All these features create a rule for the whole project of an architecture and interior of a country house.