The apartment is located in a house built in 1910, located in the courtyards of Trubnikovsky Lane. The design is based on the early modern style, which also is an architectural style of the building. I decided to create an eclectic mix of classic window enfilade layouts and contemporary masterpieces of furniture and art. The stucco wall decoration was designed specifically for this project to emphasize the height of the ceilings.
All the windows of the apartment face north, so during the day the space is filled with cold diffused light. The inspiration for the choice of textures and shades were found in a courtyard`s view, green crowns of the trees, as if touching the clouds.
We also took into account the color of the “French Christmas tree” wooden flooring made of natural rosewood, complemented by wenge contours when shaping the color scheme. The bright rug in the center of the room resembles a cold lake, which is reflected in the composition of the mirrored tables.
A deep red wood tone with a touch of purple and green tones is combined with a dusty rose shade on the walls and purple-burgundy moldings in the main "front" entrance.
The snow-white kitchen is hidden behind sliding doors, and the TV is built into a massive suspended structure equipped with drawers and storage cabinets.
The living room smoothly passes into the bedroom. The room is designed in a light blue hue, which creates a slight glow in combination with a gray silk carpet and burgundy ornament. A black lacquered chest of drawers, a mirror table and a large lamp with a lampshade form a smooth horizontal line.
Sculpture found in the antique rows of the Saint Ouen market in Paris.
The wall behind the bed is decorated with a composition of gypsum vertical semi-cylinders, which seem to continue the design of the headboard.
The wardrobe in the hallway is upholstered in boucle fabric, which echoes the shade of the rug. The rug in the entrance area is a very practical solution despite popular belief. It is easy to clean from street dirt and dust, and in our case, it helps to avoid a sharp transition of materials.
The office has a dual purpose: when the eldest daughter arrives, she stays in this room. Two windows and a stained-glass window made in the Tiffany technique provide light here, which is important for work.
The library is upholstered inside with blue wool with burgundy lines, which matches the color of the rug and chair.
Main bathroom. Plumbing, V&B, Dornbracht, Huppe
Guest bathroom. Console, antique. Plumbing, Antonio Lupi, V&B.
Architect Natalia Zelenova