The interior of the Apartment with an area of 160 m² was conceived as a gift for a grown-up daughter. A young girl lives between the University of London, between work and family and has a great taste and sense of style.
This French-style apartment is based on a combination of classical architectural style, modern masterpieces, favorite factures and interesting accents.
Interior design is a process in which everyone is involved: both the customer and the designers. To follow the creation of interior beauty from beginning to end, constant interaction with designers and architects is necessary.
Purple rug is a center of the composition. It plays in contrast with the soft colors of the veneer and textile. The rug creates necessary dominant and gathers all the soft shades into a harmonious environment.
We have not forgotten about the technical nuances such as sun protection, acoustics and a huge screen, sub-sound - all of them are hidden inside decorative solutions.
Bedroom combined with dressing room and bathroom. We applied an interesting solution when delimited the bathroom with glass walls with a metal mesh glued inside. Thus, we made available daylight in the bathroom and added flicker due to glass and mesh.
Giant braid made of plaster decor meet us in the main hall. Marble floor underlines the austerity of the Interior. The living room with a semicircular bay window is surrounded by a built-in library. The windows are included in the composition of the cabinets.
Kitchen is located at the shaded part of the apartment. Here is almost no sun.
Therefore, the shade of terracotta on the walls and in the granite, with a pronounced blue, create a feeling of a natural evening sun.