One of the most unusual design projects.
Amazing location, astonishing residential complex, beautiful view, good area, great customer…
We are well aware of the principles of interior design in all classical aspects. And we really love it when client knows and understands the principles of how the interior of a large apartment is built.
During the design we demonstrate all the possibilities of the interior. We start with layouts then the stage of sketches and moodboards come and after all we demonstrate collages with specific objects for the interior. All these steps make an understanding of the interior-design object possible and our client
We especially love it when the client has a collection of paintings or unique items.
We are happy to place decors and paintings through the apartment. These steps create an outstanding atmosphere immediately.
We really love to use block parquet. Only block parquet makes the floors truly interesting. And Rugs. We cannot imagine Bedroom, Living room or Bathroom without silk rug.
Our design projects are always filled with antiques, paintings, beautiful clocks, rugs and beautiful tableware. We even design bedding for our interiors and order them on Italian manufacturers. So, the colors of the bedding match the atmosphere of the bedroom. We also love when there are the owners name monogram embroidered on their towels.