Few years ago, we did this wonderful interior design project for an apartment in one South country - Interior design project for a two-story apartment with access to the roof and a terrace. The southern state, the hot climate, the beautiful view - we carefully used these factors for the design project.
While design process had lead, we relied on the idea that we are designing a country house. It took us almost nine month to design project of the apartment with area about 550 square meters and terraces on the roof. We had to order a project for a hole in the ceiling, for changing the drainage of water on the roof. And we made an architectural project for these locations, combining the design project with the engineering solutions.
The design project of an apartment with a large area differs in process from design projects with an area of 100 m2. Large areas entail the development of projects for built-in wardrobes, laundry rooms, pantries and other technical premises.
The design project was developed in accordance with the wishes of the customers: a large kitchen for the whole family, a large dining room, zoning of the premises according to their purpose: guest bedroom areas, master bedroom areas. Library, office, home theater - everything was taken into account in the design project.