I came to head the project of a country house of 2500m2 using just a plan of the ground floor and a sketch of one façade left over from the previous architect. The house already had its foundation and the preset for the pillars at first floor level.

The owners expressed a lot of love and attention towards their future house. Each and every element was carefully drawn and approved, with the customers taking a particular interest in project developments. The house was designed for a family with two kids.

The choice of eclectic style was made by the owner's wife. We spent many hours researching colors and the design of the plasterwork.
The handrails of the staircase were taken from a book of historic architectural styles.
The entire concept of the space was constructed around the large hall windows and the high ceilings of each room. One of the main issues was finding the right proportion of heights and lengths in relation to human ergonomics. The beds got lost in the volume of the room. The chests of drawers seemed to be bedside tables. The sofas did not hold their density.
In the end, it was the choice of textiles which aided in the unification of the interior. It was an interesting task to pick fabrics and laces, matching the window composition with the specific style of each room.
The billiards zone was made in a ceremonial style. All of the furniture was cutom made. The spacious room required careful contemplation of the size of each object. The billiards table, decorated by red felt further highlights the serious atmosphere of the space. The lamps were made to order in Moscow. The height of the lamp-shade is 1.5m, the diameter 1m.
The Canopy Bedroom. The walls were finished with Little Greene paint. The colour selected has dusty shade, which is highlighted by its matte finish. This gave an interesting appearance to the plaster moldings of the walls. The colour also became a good background for the golden stripe accents on the bed and the windows. The general atmosphere of the room was created by means of natural light, due to the fact that little daylight enters the room, the shadows fall beautifully onto the matte walls, highlighting the gold hues of the silk. The rug’s formal patterns completes the interior.
The bathroom is, on the contrary, full of light. The sunbeams play on the creamy boiserie, accentuatauting the floral motif of the upper part of the wall. The snow white chandelier adds a lively quality to the room. The free-standing bath by Devon&Devon made from whole marble was decorated by a composition of artificial flowers in a coral.
The master bathroom is interesting in its style. The large wall is decorated by a broken antique fireplace, the brightly coloured rug depicting a fish add a mellow, transparent quality to the interior. The perforated quality of the natural light results in a multitude of sun reflections, which echo the water and seaweed in the background of the rug by Tapis Rouge.
The son’s bedroom was furnished and decorated with textiles by Ralph Lauren. Stripes and flowers on silk and linen became the main theme of the room.
We furnished the library with a set of two armchairs and a sofa in different styles. The choice of armchairs of Indian horsecloth and antique velvet and a sofa in rough linen, all inspired the concept of using similar textiles for the windows; black linen laced with leather bands, green velvet for the fringed drapes and a Roman curtain with a Leonardo da Vinci print by Gastón y Daniela.
The striking From Russia With Love rug by Yan Kath | Koverburo with a Russian foulards motif adds a colourful accent to the interior.
The guest zones were made smart. The kitchen is furnished with a large dining table. The rear wall above the cabinets is decorated with moldings, while the kitchen hood is hidden behind a duct made of vintage mirror glass with brass patterns. The backsplash of the stove was made from facetted mirror glass.
The diamond motif was repeated multiple times within the interior. The accent of the main hall is a mirror panel decorated with the shape.
The siting room was styled with glowing silk accents at the windows and a soft juxtapostion of light turquoise with the warm fig color of the walls and the upholstery of the sofa. The Tapis Rouge rug depicting sea foam gives depth to the colour scheme.