My old clients asked me to design an apartment for their mom. An apartment of 36 square meters looked rather gloomy. The layout was a compilation of small rooms.
I took the classic planning scheme as the basis. I made a corridor and a hall. Then I separated the living zone from the kitchen by a console with the lamps and introduced a working place for sewing. My objective was to create the possibility of walking around the apartment without reducing its size. It is moving across the hall and corridor that gives the feeling of its space.
The apartment got lightened by the sun in the living room and in the kitchen in the morning. I decided to go for delicate shades of cold and warm: finishing the wall with warm color, while choosing the cold ones for the doors and for the floor and ceiling moldings. All finished by Zoffany.
The textile in the living room was a combination of warm grey background and sunny yellow colors of Zoffany. The sofa was upholstered in grey with silver linen with yellow cushions.
For the bedroom we opted for the wallpaper with fine print for fracturing the small surface of the wall. Then I placed the mirrors in different frames. The wardrobes were upholstered in cotton. The woodwork was made by OLDWOOD company. The seashell-shaped handles were brought by me from Bali. These lovable details attract a great deal of attention in such a small room. Every particular enriches the interior without taking much space.
I also created a very special thing in the bathroom, while making to order the built-in door to the checking box I placed there a libretto of one of La Scala theatre’s ballets in the frame with a velvet passé partout. A small red line in the logo was continued in red band in the light cotton bath curtain.
The entrance is decorated by a big mirror wardrobe in the hall. The mirror located on the axis of the front door makes for the creative appeal right from the first step.