It was an apartment of 55 m2: an old house with huge windows and thick walls and a marvelous front staircase.

In was a standard two-room apartment and there was an intention of designing it for a young woman adding some elements of ethnics. Everything worked out well when the antique Chinese chest of drawers was found.
The main space was to be widened. That is why I went for the tactics of dissolving the furniture into the walls. The color was chosen in a way to avoid the sharp shadows, so that the sunbeams would disperse lightly but not brightly. The textile was meant to support the mild light during the day and show through at the lamplight.

A porcelain Mao Dzu was placed at the Chinese stand. The rug Sliced with the drawing of marble layers by Yan Kath and stools from Bali have made up the whole set.
I am a fan of placing art in interior. It is often hard to say what comes first, whether it is the paintings found or the space itself. This project had everything merged simultaneously. The painting above the Chinese console and the one at the wall by the mirror were made by Constantine Yevmenev. The blue line of the horizontal work and serenity of the other one have complied with the apartment’s identity and its half shadows and halflight
Two leaf doors lead to the dressing-room. It is very accurate for a small apartment and it also looks well centered from the corridor. The passage is decorated by several New York Times pages dated 1947 which I have found at the flea market in New York and placed in glass mounts.
I made a merged bathroom with a bidet and equipped the sink with the furniture of my design. The bathshade was made from Barclay Butera textile.
The bedroom is very romantic and mysterious. The curtains and the bedcover were collected from Kelly Whestler textile. A slightly violet color of the walls by Farrow&Ball results in a curious combination with coral-rose spots on the curtain and fine polka-dot of the bedcover skirt. The bedside tables were bought at the flea market. The light chair was upholstered by grey silk.